About nextGen India

What is nextGen India?

nextGen India is India’s foremost social network dedicated to providing an all encompassing platform to the youth. Our network of young bloggers, debaters, students, young entrepreneurs, social change makers and opinionated thinkers represents the voice of young India. 

nextGen India is integrated with all major social networks. Our users can leverage their existing network, connect and interact with individuals who hold different viewpoints beyond their existing connections.


What are our Activities?


nextGen India Speaks

Our blog contains detailed analysis of al important issues that strike a chord with the youth of the country. What are we thinking about? What issues matter to us? nextGen India Speaks echoes the pulse of young India.


nextGen Debates

A fortnightly event that organised on our portal and across all major social networks simultaneously. Apart from an intense hour of debating, involving expert panelists as well as laypersons who came forth with their differing viewpoints on issues that matter. With thousands of viewers,  and some extremely fruitful discussions, nextGen Debates provides an enriching experience .


nextGen Groups

Do you believe in a cause but don’t know how to mobilise people for it? Want to connect with people whose beliefs are similar to yours? nextGen Groups are the place where you can find more people with similar causes and get involved in action. Join. Learn. Discuss. Take Action.


nextGen Bloggers

We started off as a bloggers group and we haven’t forgotten our roots. We have a special place for bloggers and offer an exclusive space for niche bloggers who write about issues that matter. We feature and promote bloggers who are keen about making a difference, against all odds. nextGen Bloggers provides space and leverage to people who don’t blog to make money but believe in writing for a cause.


nextGen Blog Contests

We hold monthly contests for bloggers where everyone can take part and win some cool prizes. This also provides campaign managers a brilliant chance to get some really awesome publicity by leveraging our strong network of authority bloggers.


Why nextGen India?

Youngsters today have an opinion on everything around them. Our fresh perspective on all matters and our enthusiasm for bringing about a change  reflects the power and potential of the flagbearers of tomorrow. We believe that today’s young Indians have what it takes to change the world and nextGen India is a step in that direction. We are dedicated to providing a voice to today’s generation and have built this interactive platform through blogs, contests, weekly debates, and interactive groups so that we, the youth of India may express our opinions and are able to take action to bring about the change that we desire.

All our activities are designed to invoke independent thinking on various issues of social relevance while the nextGen India blog aims to provide an open space for the expression of ideas and opinions.

So express yourself and bring about the change that you want to see. Be a nextGen Indian.


What will you find here?

We believe that the youth has the power to bring about a change. You will find almost everything that captures the imagination of today’s youth, with an emphasis on making a positive difference. As proud Indians, we refuse to accept things the way they are coz, It is better to die standing than to kneel down for life.