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Is it time to embrace atheism in India?

It’s time I write about this, considering that this would probably be my life’s second most important crusade if I ever decided to start. Religion has been a part of our culture and it has been passed on from generation to generation. When I was young, I never had a choice in matters of what… Read more »

How to Change India in 6 Simple Steps

How to Change India? Change is not easy. But, things have to change if we want them to improve. Change doesn’t happen automatically. It must always be initiated. Are you an aspiring Changemaker? Are you wondering how to Change India? Wanna make a difference but dont know how? Here is a simple 6 step guide to help… Read more »

A Letter To My Grandma on Republic Day

India, 26th January’ 2012.  Dearest Grandma, Hope that this mail of mine finds you in good health. I was surprised, excited, moved and lost in wonder when I saw the guard at the office bring me your letter. Then as I started reading the letter, I could see those hands of yours that have got… Read more »

Marriage for culture’s sake or for oneself?

Today, the young generation walks hand in hand with modern technology boasting proudly about the the various ways in which we have modernised and “developed”. Even the smaller rural areas have been permeated by the technological advancement. Governments seem to be doing a lot about bridging the gaps. But has the panache of glamour and “civilisation” affected our cultures?  India… Read more »

Lead the Change. Don’t Just Follow.

26 year old Mohamed Bouazazi, living in the Tunisian provincial town of Sidi Bouzid, had a university degree but no work. He started selling fruits and vegetables on the street to make a living. When the authorities stopped him from doing business and confiscated his goods, the frustrated and angry Mohamed set himself on fire,… Read more »

How to change Caste in India? Can you?

“Could I have a ticket to Warwickshire please?” “Sure that’d be please” “I meant a first class rail ticket Mr. umm.. Stevens” “Oh sorry Ma’am, that would be then, thank you” *** Yes, I’d grade the caste system like a seat on a the first class car of the British Rail. A ticket to hover… Read more »