Does film censorship hamper artistic freedom? [Debate]

A recently concluded meet at Mumbai regarding reforms in Central Board of Film Certification, chaired by Leela Samson and the suggestions that came out of it, prompted nextGen India team to take up the question of film censorship. We posed the question “Is censorship in films hampering artistic freedom?” for the nextGen Debate on 24… Read more »

Is Freedom of Expression under threat in India? [Debate]

Delivering on the promise of raising issues that concern the youth of India, we at nextGen India organized our fourth weekly debate on 17 June. The motion before the house was “Is freedom of expression under threat in India?” We were joined by Krishnan from Chennai, Mehran Zaidi from Delhi, Center of Right from Delhi… Read more »

Baba Ramdev: Power to the Non-elected, acceptable? [Debate]

On 3 June 2011, nextGen India conducted their first debate. Ramdev Baba’s fast which is now at the centre of India’s attention enjoyed the honour of being the first debated topic of Next Gen India. The panel of the debate constituted Surya Narayan Ganesh (a diehard Congress supporter on twitter), Ashik Gosaliya (political commentator) ,… Read more »

PuleJawan Citizen Journalism Challenge 2012

Now, this project is open to all citizens who can use this opportunity to express their views and collaborate with activists, leaders, journalists, media, NGOs, politicians and government agencies to contribute towards lasting peace and harmony in this region. Everyone interested in foreign policy, security and culture to bring diverse people together using topics related… Read more »