Mitt Romney : A formidable opponent for Obama

Rewind to 2008. Remember the words Hope, Change and Yes We Can?
Of course you do, it was a historic year that the worlds oldest democracy elected its first African American president. He inspired one and all both within and outside of the United States. He even went on to recieve the Nobel Prize during his tenure. He promised to change politics and change the way Washington worked. Fast forward to 2012 and unemployment is at 9.9%, the American economy has still not truly recovered and the Presidents approval ratings are not very favourable. One of the frontrunners for the Republican nomination vying for the right to challenge Obama in November is Mitt Romney.

Is Romney a formidable opponent?
Mitt Romney was the CEO of Bain Capital the 2nd largest Private Equity firm in America. With Bain, Romney helped in the founding contributed to the growth of Dominos,Staples and Sports Authority.
As is the case private equity is a risky business and while turning around companies, sometimes jobs are lost in order to save the companies. At times surgery to save a patient is necessary. Not all investments come out to be successful but by all accounts Romney is a highly successful businessman.
The advantage being that he worked in the real economy and hence will have a better understanding of how to get the economy to reboot. Obama on the other hand worked as a community organizer, not really that connected with creating jobs.

When the Salt Lake Olympics was mired in scandal, Mitt Romney was the man who America turned to lead the games. He went ahead, turned around the Olympics and it ended up being a successful event. The problems he had to deal with ranged from a lack of trust from sponsers due to the prior scandals and increasing costs leading to spending overshooting incomes. He dealt wiith them and helped organize a sucessful 02 Salt Lake Olympics.

He then went on to become the Governor of Massacheusets. He tookover a state which was in massive deficit in other words a financial emergency. He did not raise taxes,enforced a health care plan that led to 98%of the citizens being insured and left the state in a surplus.

In short a Romney nomination will mean an election based on the economy and Romney provides a clear contrast to Obama. He is also seen as moderate so would be in the best position to get the swing independent voters.

The one issue that is sure to prop up is Romneys wealth and the 99 and 1 issue. How that issue gets defined will play a crucial role in whether Obama wins a 2nd term.

If the GOP nominates anyone else who is extremely right wing, the moderate swing voters will vote for Obama and a 2nd term. Despite all the difficulties, Obama has an extremely strong organization,still remains an inspiring eloquent orator and is relatable to the average voter.

That said if Romney ends up being the GOP nominee we might see a very exciting nerve wracking race. Maybe just maybe one as close as Bush v Gore.

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  • rajesh

    “98% of the citizens being ensured”
    It should be insured. There are other grammatical errors, please check.

    There is no fundamental difference between both candidates. Romney has just promised to spend at a lower rate so essentially both are for big governments.