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How to Change India in 6 Simple Steps

How to Change India?

Change is not easy. But, things have to change if we want them to improve. Change doesn’t happen automatically. It must always be initiated.

Are you an aspiring Changemaker? Are you wondering how to Change India? Wanna make a difference but dont know how? Here is a simple 6 step guide to help you figure out how to change India?

Step1: What do you want to Change in India?

The first step is to get clarity on exactly what do you want to Change in India. What do you believe in? Be absolutely clear about your goal.

By changing nothing, nothing changes.

An important thing to note is that there is no such thing as universally right or wrong. So, if your premise is that you want to do the ‘right’ thing you should first define what is ‘right’ for you and then move on to the next. This step is vital as it defines the ‘Change’ that you want to bring.

It is very important to keep in mind your end goal. Along the way you may stumble and fall, but your goal will keep you going.

Step 2: Step up and take Charge

Now that you know what you want to change, you can figure out how to go about it. Find out what is going on in your particular field.

Don’t wait for things to happen. Take the lead and try to understand how you can have an impact.

You can’t know the depth of the sea by sitting on the shore. 

So, once you have found the cause you are passionate about, plunge into the scene. A simple search through the internet will surely help you find dozens of things already happening in that field. Take Action even if that involves sending a simple “I would like to volunteer” or “I wanna do something, let me know how” mail.

Step 3: Use your strengths

You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.

Everyone has certain things that make him or her stand out. Understand yours. Some people are good speakers, some people are good managers, some people are good at writing or any other skill for that matter. Find out what you are good at and then start contributing that skill to the movement that interests you. Clearly mention your strengths whenever volunteering anywhere. Almost every organisation in the non-profit sector is short of hands. Pitch in and start making a difference.

Step 4: Start plantings Seeds

You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.

Now that you have taken the initial steps, its time to level up.

Keep looking for small opportunities when they present themselves. Keep improving yourself and discuss any issues that you face. The key is to take advantage of small opportunities when they present themselves—and to persist. If you have been tending to these things, your initiative can more quickly blossom when you do achieve high-level support for it.

Step 5: Network

One man ALONE Can not make a difference

Network, Network, and Network. I cant emphasise enough the importance of this step. Get in touch with other people who are trying to make a difference in the same niche as yours. Join the community of changemakers, or create one if one doesnt exist. You can find some of them in our groups.

Step 6: Keep your spirits high

The most important step. Keep going. Don’t let small disappointments and failures let you down.


What do you think? What has worked for you? What was the most impact ful action for you? Do let us know in the comments.


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  • Test Comment

    • RK Misra

      Would like to hear more about your plans & political change aspirations, if any. RK Misra

      • Personally I support a more Libertarian and minimalistic state. I will use politics to bring that about but that is still far away.
        As of now, we are establishing our foothold and building our groundwork in Delhi. We will be contesting our second election this time from Alaknanda in Delhi for MCD. If you want to know more, you can get in touch with me at aditya AT adityakumarnayak DOT com

        But nextGen India isn’t principally a political tool. We support political change but don’t believe thats the ends and means of all issues. We propagate a much wider change and believe that the youth today will have to step up and make it happen. We also believe in the power of social media and online activism. And hence, we started this platform to provide a voice to the youth and convert all slackavist youth into doers.

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  • Bharat Kumar

    Hello Mr. Aditya,

    Your Blog is quite impressive. All your ways and plans are good for next generation. I want to participate in the path for a better future and for better India.


    • Sure. Lets connect on facebook?

  • Rayan

    Your article is very inspiring. I believe that as young citizens, it is our responsibility to change the system in India, to fight against corruption and to make India shine. Since months I was searching for an opportunity to volunteer for betterment of India and I found it in the form of

  • aditya nayak

    hey aditya! Actually I share the same name with you ”Aditya Nayak” and not only that, i share similar views as that of yours.. I would like to volunteer and join you in your revolutionary initiative.. Presently i’m in Jharkhand, coming to Delhi soon..

    Carry on with your Good Work!! Plz tell me possible ways to contact you (other than facebook)

  • “It’s a month of contests at ONLY. Dress up our model and stand a chance to win shopping vouchers worth Rs. 5000/-
    Exciting, isn’t it?
    Click here to participate

  • Kartik

    Hello Aditya…..i agree with your points.
    i really want to see india as a clean, safe and corrupt free place.
    i am all ready …..but have no idea what should i do!!!
    help me out please.

    • Chase excellence. Become an individual that reflects the ideals of India that you want to build.

      Then, connect with other similar individuals and continue on the same path

  • Ajith

    Hi aditya…read your article… has a practical approach and is convincing……

    Talking about corruption, we always generalise and say the entire system is corrupted, but many few can point at specific places or departments where it takes place.

    Let us for example take our railways which is the largest organisation in our country in terms of employees.We are certain that corruption exists here, right from the TTRs to the top ranks.As a start up, what can be done initially is target a sector, aquire data about individuals involved in corruption, confirm it,share it, consolidate it and discuss on how to expose it.

    I firmly beleive,, out of 1000 corrupt, if 5 % are exposed and caught, atleast 50-60 % will stop doing it out of fear and the citizens will have to dealt with only the remaining numbers.

  • Akash

    One way to change India is to participate in its democratic process and vote for right people in power. This will not be just a theoretical but a practical change for India. I have found one such initiative which invokes young voters and connect them with this sense of responsibility. Take Shapath today and Enroll to Vote!! Visit:

  • proudindians

    This article is very well-written and inspiring. It is very true that one person alone cannot bring about changes in India. I think that if the youth of our country comes together, we can fight against the issues and bring about the changes in our society. Visit